Bubur Sumsum 

Happy Mother’s Day to Mommiesss 😆

Palm Sugar Sauce:

200 gr dark palm sugar, roughly chooped

100 water

1 pandan leaves, knotted

In saucepan, boil the palm sugar and water until it becomes syrup and thickened.

Set aside.



1 cup rice flour
600 ml coconut milk

1/2 tsp salt

2 pandan leaves, knotted

In saucepan on medium-low heat, mix flour and salt.

Gradually add coconut milk, continuously stir and make sure no lumps.

Add pandan leave.

Stir until it thickened.

Set aside, let it cool.
Serve with brown palm sugar.

First Blog Post = Need Support

Hi. I’m Gaby, born in 1993, born and raised in Indonesia and currently living in Australia. Not really sure whats this blog gonna be like, Lifestyle? Foods? Beauty? any…. today, Australia ANZAC’s day, April 25 2017 I officially make this blog, girldoesthis.com and not even sure on how to operate WordPress HA HA

Here’s the story; I’ve been wanting to have my blog since, let say 6 years ago. Watch ALOTof tubes, articles, posts about how to make blog. I do have one blog, its a beauty blog. After 5 posts, I cut some slack, and I just forget about it. Then I have beauty tube channel, after few post…..same thing….gone.

Life overseas somehow challenging, yet quite interesting.  I’m at the point where I really need a distraction. Something that make me busy and enjoy doing it. I have this app called Cookpad where I can share my recipes and look for recipes. P.S since I live in Australia, I always cook at least every once a day for dinner. I started posting stuff on Cookpad since December 2015, until December last year…got over 1,000 followers, and I again lose interest. I have no idea how to understand my self, I got no hobby, and I have always have random interest, I like something for a week, then get bored of it, and move to other thing, and the next week it happen again, lets call it MOODY (boo..hoo..) not proud of it ha! I’m thinking there should be a platform to put all my “randomness”, maybe call it BLOG?

So again, 2 days earlier I started to research again about blogging, and there WordPress! Bla bla blah, to cut the story short, I ended up bought a domain today and now I start my blog…..where this blog will bring me? I will just start by writing my recipes.