Cireng Nasi Crispy  

Written on January 26,2016


Recook from @DapurVY recipe.

Cireng is one of my favorite Indonesian snack. It basically fried-seasoned-tapioca. Not that healthy, but its yummy…… So I was looking around for Cireng recipe and found this Cireng Nasi Crispy (nasi means rice), never heard of it, something new but as long as its Cireng, its worth to try!

250 grams of rice, roughly grounded

6 tbsp tapioca flour

100 ml of hot water

1 teaspoon chicken stock powder

2 spring onion, sliced

Oil, to deep fry

Ground spices:

4 cloves garlic

1/2 tsp corriander seeds

1 small red chili (or as desire or don’t use it if you dislike spicy)

Salt, to taste


Mix all ingredients (except hot water and cooking oil) after mixed well.


Slowly add hot water while stirring until combined.

Don’t forget to correct the flavor.

Make round shape, or any shape you like.

Deep fry until crissssssspy;)

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