Tuna Mornay



Written on December 23, 2015



If you are Indonesian, for me this Mornay dish tastes like a Macaroni Schotel, the difference is no pasta. Its simple-easy-quick-dish. If you don’t like Tuna, can use chicken instead.

Btw, sorry for bad picture 😦


1 cloves of onion, roughly chopped

1 cup sweet corn cans

1 can of tuna

2 pieces of bacon, chopped

1 tbsp butter

2 cups of milk

2 tbsp of flour

Grated cheddar cheese

Salt, blackpepper, mixed herbs, chicken stock powder


Heat butter in saucepan until melted, add the onion, and bacon.

Cook until the bacon “crunchy” (I like it crunchy).

Add the tuna, and corn, stir constantly at low heat.

While stirring, slowly add flour & milk.

Keep stirring to prevent any lumps and until the sauce thickened.

Add salt, mixed herbs, blakpepper & cheese. Do not forget to taste

Cook about 5 minutes.

Place cheese over the sauce, sprinkle with mixed herbs & blackpepper. Finally, grilled mornay until cheeese melted.

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