Written on Dec 17, 2015



I’m not sure what you called “Panada” in English, it kind like spring rolls except for the pastry, it slightly different as you will see in the ingredients. Nobody’s sells Panada in Australia so I made my own, this is one of my favourite Indonesian snack. My grandma always make PAnada with Spicy Tuna filling. But this time I filled them with veggie, vermicelli, and eggs.



300 gr flour (12 Pastel)

1 eggs

70 ml of water

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp butter, melted


Vermicelli (soak in hot water, drain)

Frozen vegetables (can be replaced with diced carrot and potatoes, they need to be cooked)

2 eggs (boiled, peeled, cut into 6 pieces)

Garlic powder (can be replaced with fried garlic)

Chicken stock powder


Mix all pastry-ingredients, stir well until the dough solid and not sticky in your hand (flour and water can be adjusted). Then rounded the dough, and thinly flattened to the shape of the circle, about 10cm diameter

Saute all stuffing ingredients, and correct the flavour.

Put stuffing into pastry, fold over the pastry to make triangle, twist from the base corner and make sure there is no holes.

Panada ready to FRY!

Served with sweet-chilli sauce or “sambel kacang” (spicy peanut sauce)



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