Bread Crumbs Whiting


Written on January 19, 2016

breadcrumbs whiting.jpg

My first New Year holiday in Kangaroo Island, South Australia, visiting my partner’s family. It’s a very beautiful beach house. Got my very first fishing experience on the boat, and we caught a lot of fish. One of my favorite is Whiting. Not sure what you call it in Indonesian…

My partner said the best “fish n chips” of any top seafood restaurant in Australia is Whiting, which awesomely South Australian Whiting ….and the price is quite “pricey”. So how lucky we are caught few of Whitings!

Today I’m so excited to make that “fish n chips” using the Whitings, unfortunately I ran out of flour so I changed it with bread crust. P.S Kids and I don’t really like bread crust, always cut them off so.. got a lot of them! Blend them to make bread crumbs.



3 Whiting fillet


Container I:

1 egg, beaten

A pinch of salt, pepper, chicken stock powder

Container II:

500 gr bread crust, blended

1 tsp mixed herbs

1 tsp chicken stock powder

A pinch of salt and pepper



Add the fillet to the Container I and then to Container II.

Heat the butter (medium heat) over the saucepan.

Cook the Whiting approximately 1-2 minutes each side.

Ready to serve with chips! 🙂


Me=with rice (typical Indonesian, can’t live without rice he he)


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