Lemon Butter Chicken with Hollandaise Sauce  


lemon butter chicken .jpg


500 gr chicken breast

1 tbsp italian mixed herbs

5 tbsp lemon juice

taste salt, pepper & garlic powder

5 tbsp butter, for frying



Cut chicken breast, mix all marination ingredients and marinate for 2 hours.

Cook the chicken with butter on medium heat.





4 egg yolks

3 tbsp lemon juice

2 tablespoons butter, melted

salt & pepper



Steam 4 eggs and melted butter. Stir constantly, to prevent “texture-breaking” (Don’t really know how to describe it, sorry hehe).

Add lemon juice and salt.

Give a taste, correct the flavor while continue stirring it about 15 minutes until sauce thickened.


Easy Vanilla Slice  

vanilla slice.jpg


5 tbsp custard powder

250 ml of lmilk

6-10 square crackers

Sherreded dry coconut

Icing sugar


Custard: mix custard powder and milk in a saucepan with low heat, stir continuously about 10 minutes until custard thickened, let it COOL.

Icing: mix icing sugar with liquid milk (about 5 tablespoons)

Arrange crackers in a dish, add the custard, lay the rest of crackers on top. Then pour icing sugar and sprinkle with shredded drycoconut. Let cool in the fridge, wait for 2 hours to serve.

Potato Salad with Yoghurt

potato salad.jpg

5 potatoes, squared boiled with salt

cabbage, soak in hot water, drained

1 carrot, juliette, soaked in lemon juice

4 slices bacon / ham, chopped into small pieces, fried till crisp

4 boiled eggs, sliced

Salad sauce, mixed together:

7 tablespoons yoghurt (plain)

3 tbsp mayonaise

1 tsp mustard

Salt and pepper


Mix all ingredients and give a taste to correct the flavors, store in the fridge.

Cireng Nasi Crispy  

Written on January 26,2016


Recook from @DapurVY recipe.

Cireng is one of my favorite Indonesian snack. It basically fried-seasoned-tapioca. Not that healthy, but its yummy…… So I was looking around for Cireng recipe and found this Cireng Nasi Crispy (nasi means rice), never heard of it, something new but as long as its Cireng, its worth to try!

250 grams of rice, roughly grounded

6 tbsp tapioca flour

100 ml of hot water

1 teaspoon chicken stock powder

2 spring onion, sliced

Oil, to deep fry

Ground spices:

4 cloves garlic

1/2 tsp corriander seeds

1 small red chili (or as desire or don’t use it if you dislike spicy)

Salt, to taste


Mix all ingredients (except hot water and cooking oil) after mixed well.


Slowly add hot water while stirring until combined.

Don’t forget to correct the flavor.

Make round shape, or any shape you like.

Deep fry until crissssssspy;)

Super Moist Banana Apple Cake


Written on January 26, 2016


Again inspired from the recipe of Tintin Rayner the cake is really moist. Usually I make banana cake with random recipe from Google, but this recipe is the best so far, and you should try it !


2 bananas, mashed

2 apples, squared, soaked with orange/lemon juice

1 orange/lemon to soak the apple

100 gr raisins

Container I (“Powder” Ingredients): mixed them together

180 gr self-raising flour, sifted

1 tsp cinnamon powder

30 grams of palm sugar

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

120 grams of sugar

Container II (“Liquid” Ingredients): mixed them together

3 eggs, beaten

120 gr butter, melted



Preheat oven at 180 degree Celsius.

Make a hole in the middle of the Container I, then add the ingredients from Container II, raisins, bananas and apples with orange juice

Mix them, and stir well but not too long.

Bake it, after 10 minutes, sprinkle raisins and apples (optional)

Then put it back in the oven for another 30 minutes or so.



Spicy Fried-Indomie a la Me  


Written on January 26, 2016

Indomie goreng.jpg

First time I went to supermarket, I was surprised that I found Indomie at coles and woolies ??? I thought they only sell it in Asian supermarket.. So here is my signature Indomie recipe. (P.S Indomie is the brand name)


2 packets Indomie (it comes with the seasoning in the package)

1 bunch of bok choy

2 mushrooms

3 slice bacon / ham, squared

2 eggs

2 teaspoon chilli sauce/ sambal

Black pepper



Crushed the noodle

Boil Indomie in hot boiling water,

Fry bacon until crisp.

Add the egg, scrambled, followed by adding Indomie & seasoning, bok choy, chilli sauce, blackpepper and mushrooms.

Cook about 1-2 minutes, serve with Acar (please refer to my Acar recipe)



Written on January 26, 2016


Acar is originally from Indonesia (I guess?) it basically pickled carrot cucumber shallots and sometimes whole-small-chilli. Its good to served with fried rice, fried vermicelli, fried noodle.


1 cucumber, squared

1 carrot, squared

1 clove of shallots, chopped

4 tbsp vinegar

1 tbsp white vinegar

1 tbsp sugar

6 tbsp water



Mix all ingredients together.

Wait for 10 hours.

Tamarind Potatoes 


Written on January 26, 2016

Tamarind Potato.jpg


3 large potatoes, peeled, chopped.

Canola oil

1 tsp tamarind puree, dissolved with 4 tbsp water

2 lime leave

2 bay leave

Ground spices:

3 cloves shallots

2 cloves of garlic

2 chilli

1 tbsp chicken stock powder

Salt and sugar to taste


Deep fried the potatoes. Note: If you want it crispy, wash the potato few times until its water CLEAR (not yellow anymore)

In the saucepan, stir the grounded spices until fragrant.

Add tamarind lime leave, and bay leaves.

Turn off the heat, let it cool down, then add fried potatoes, mixed well, and its ready to serve.


If you want to store it, please wait until it completely cool down, then store it in closed-container.

Marinara Seafood Mix with Padang Sauce


Written on January 23, 2016

Seafood with Padang Sauce   .jpg

Food street always the best! That’s what I love about Indonesian culinary. So back in my hometown, Jakarta, there is this seafood stall I always visit and my favourite order is always squid / shrimp/ with Padang Sauce. Loving the heat of sauce!



500 gr Seafood Marinara mix (I just use the mussels, shrimps and squids).

4 shallot, thinly sliced

2 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced

1 onions

3 tablespoon chilli sauce

2 tablespoons tomato sauce

2 tablespoons oyster sauce

Mixed herbs, salt, black pepper, to taste

Coconut virgin oil

1 tsp tapioca (or any flour), dissolve in water to thickened the sauce



In the wok heat the over medium heat, add shallots, garlic onions, until fragrant

Add shellfish, squid, shrimp, stir for 1 minute

Add about 200ml of water.

Add mixed herbs, salt, pepper and all sauces.

Stir well for another minute.

Taste it to correct the flavor.

Finally add the flour solution let the sauce slightly thickened.


My advice, just cook the seafood for not more than 5 minutes, we don’t want to overcook them 🙂

Indonesian Stir-Fried Vermicelli


Written on January 23, 2016

bihun goreng.jpg

Or as known as Bihun Goreng Tek Tek. This this recook from Tintin Rayner recipe. You can add shrimp, shreded chicken, sausage or just egg.



1 pack of vermicelli (soak hot water, drain)

3 tbsp vegetable oil


1 bunch of pok choy

Blackpepper, salt, chicken stock powder, to taste

Sweet soy sauce

Ground Spice:

3 cloves of garlic

1 clove of shallot



In the wok stir ground spice with oil until fragrant.

Add vermicelli, black pepper, salt, beef stock (flavored), soy sauce, cabbage & bok choy.

Stir well, correct the flavor.

Served with crackers, “acar”, and fried shallots.